Speaking to Multiple Channels (Whisper)

What is Whisper?

The whisper function in Teamspeak allows you to speak over multiple channels at once, this has recently been enabled to allow players in the DarkRP Police channels to communicate with the other sub channels.

Note that this is only available to Donators+

As of the moment, the DarkRP Police channels look like this:


  • The Police Channel is for all Government jobs to communicate with each other, jobs such as the Mayor, Police Chief, Police Officers and Jail Warden should be here.
  • The Highway Division Sub-Channel is for Highway Patrol to coordinate with each other in pursuits.
  • The Secret Service Division Sub-Channel is for the Secret Service to coordinate and communicate with each other and the Mayor.
  • The SWAT Division Sub-Channel is for SWAT to coordinate raids and operations with each other.

Without using a Whisper bind, it is impossible for all the varied Police jobs to communicate with each other without Alt-Tabbing and switching channels.

However with a Whisper bind you may assign a button and push to talk across all Police channels.

How to setup a Whisper bind

First, you must navigate to the tools button on the top menu bar of Teamspeak and select "Whisper Lists"


You will then see the dialog box below with a list on the right with all the server channels.

Simply select a hotkey above (for example, i use [ ) for your push to talk whisper button and select "Clients & Channels" for the whisper to option.

Then, click and drag the four Police channels into the middle and click Ok.


Congrats! You have now set up a whisper bind, when you hold now your selected button you should see this:


The red dots indicate that you are now talking in the channel.

And hat's how you communicate over multiple channels in Teamspeak!

I hope to see many people using this in the future, chur.

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The intention of this is to split the comms (which can get towards 15 people in a channel). Between driving a car with the radio, teamspeak, and ingame voice chatter, it's too much white noise in a single spot.

Having separated channels allows players, at their wish, to operate more efficiently, then whispers can be used to call in other groups, eg: S.W.A.T. need HWP help, or vice versa. It's all a tad complex yeah, but once it's working you basically receive a much better, more thorough experience.

It's also not a requirement to hear others. You could go HWP, join the channel, and still hear others whispers. You can also communicate using ingame chat or ingame pm. It's basically an additional way to communicate and it's a gem once you get used to it.

What was not mentioned is you can make say, 4 hotkeys, one for each channel. So then only the people you need to talk to can hear you. Experiment with the settings.


Word of warning though, users caught abusing whispers and annoying other players will be banned from ts or have their permissions removed.

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